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One of the first things I learned as I began by real estate business in Los Angeles was that the success of my business would be directly proportional to the amount of trust I gained with my clientele.  Entertainers and professional athletes are accustomed to living in the limelight, their every move scrutinized and followed by the paparazzi and adoring fans.  Thus, privacy is something that they greatly value. If I, as a businessman, was going to be successful selling high-end homes to these celebrities, I would have to prove to them that I could be trusted to keep their transactions private so that they could enjoy their new homes in relative peace and quiet.

I have remembered that lesson over the past nine years and it might well be the number one reason for the success I have had as a luxury-home real estate agent and broker.  My number one goal has always been to give personalized service, to meet each and every need posed to me, and to remain tight-lipped and trustworthy.  The customers I deal with daily have earned their privacy and it is my job to maintain that privacy at all costs, and because I am now known for my integrity and trustworthiness, business continues to be good and referrals continue to come my way.

This is a hard lesson to learn for many just starting out in business.  There is no doubt that it is exciting working with famous people.  Your first inclination is to call your friends and family and tell them about the celebrity you met that day and how exciting it was to meet them.  And in so doing you are in effect dooming your business, because in any business loose lips sink ships but especially in doing business with people of fame and fortune.

I am proud of the reputation I have built over the years.  As an active member of the local, state, and national real estate boards I have my fingers on the trends of the real estate market as they happen, and my network of associates built up over the years has allowed me to stay at the forefront of those trends. But none of this would have happened if I hadn’t earned the respect of my clients.

It has not been easy.  Imagine for a second a typical relocation transaction.  I am contacted by a professional athlete or their representative who has just been traded to a new team, a new city.  My relocation company, SportsRelocation.com instantly finds him/her temporary housing in their new city, arranges for the transportation of their possessions and vehicles, begins the process of putting their former home on the market, and arranges for temporary transportation in the new city.  This is a process that involves numerous phone calls to business associates in several cities, and these are business associates who I have learned can be trusted after many years in this business.  Finally the transaction is completed, the relocation happens without a hitch, and the athlete settles into their new surroundings without the watchful eye of the press and fans.

This scenario could only happen within the framework of trust and integrity.

The bottom line is this: if I want to continue to do business with athletes and entertainers, it is vital that I maintain their trust and that can only happen if I continue to honor their privacy.

Integrity…..honesty…..trust…..values I believe in and will continue to practice.

By: SportsRelocation.com admin

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