Athlete Relocation Agents Need Discretion

IMG_2320-e1404177031976 Discretion, or the practice of being cautiously quiet regarding all personal and professional details of your client’s privacy, is crucial in the athlete relocation business.  Privacy is, in fact, one of the most coveted things in life for a professional athlete.  Think about it:  a professional athlete spend thousands of hours in the public eye.  They are followed by journalists and sports writers, all of whom are looking for a story and looking for private details about that professional athlete.

An athlete relocation agent needs to understand this fact, and remember the old adage that loose lips sink ships.

A good athlete relocation agent is fully honest with their clients, and they are dedicated to fully protecting their client’s interests.  These are skills the average agent does not have, and they are skills that you, the professional athlete, should demand.

What do you want?  Average, or a pro?

Providing real estate services and guiding you through the maze of decisions regarding relocation is not a part-time job, and it is not a job for amateurs.  Now is not the time to work with an average agent.  Now is the time to work with

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