Athlete Relocation Checklist When Selling Home

_Y1B3287 With Baseball’s Winter Meetings currently in session, we are reminded of the instability of professional sports, and that athlete relocation is a reality can happen to any player at any time.

And athlete relocation will eventually mean selling a home, and that brings us to today’s question, a question we were asked just last week by a MLB player who had been traded.

“What are some things to be wary of when selling your home?”

Great question, and the answer could mean the difference in hundreds of thousands of dollars. has compiled a list of five things you should not do when selling a home.

  • Do not hire the first real estate agent you meet. Shop around and find one who has the experience necessary to sell luxury real estate, and the personality you can work comfortably with.
  • Do not ignore the real estate market. Make sure you have an agent who is familiar with the market where your home is located, and who has a proven track record in that area.  If the market is down, there are things to consider when selling. If the market is up, there are different things to consider.
  • Never conceal problems with the home. If your home needs a new roof, make sure you disclose that.  You don’t want legal problems to surface later, so always go with the truth.
  • Don’t bother overpricing your home, because experienced real estate agents, and knowledgeable buyers, will know and they will ignore it.
  • Do not ignore your agent’s advice. Just like professional athletes, real estate agents and brokers are professional.  You are paying them for their expertise, so listen to their suggestions and save yourself money and headaches in the long run.

If you follow these five suggestions, the whole process should go much smoother for you.

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