An Athlete Relocation Example

chris and andrea duhon Athlete relocation can happen at any time in any sport, and a phone call we received at last week will serve as a great topic for today’s post.

The MLB trade deadline (July 31st) is rapidly approaching, and last week we received a call from a player who had just been traded to a city 1500 miles away.  This was his first-time traded.  He had come up through the farm system of his original team, and had spent seven years living in the same city.  Suddenly, his life had been turned upside down, and he needed us to help him with his relocation.

What should he do, he asked? Should he sell his luxury home, and buy a new one in his new professional city?  How could he get his automobile shipped to the new city so he would have transportation there?  And what about his possessions, his clothes, and other valuables?

Since the season was ongoing, he had no time for any of these activities.  He needed to be on a plane that night and playing in a new stadium the next day.

Such is the life of a professional athlete facing a celebrity relocation.

And such is our life at  This is what we do.  We talked to the player, listened to his needs, discussed some possibilities, and now, one week later, he is living in luxury short-term housing in his new city, we have his former sports real estate on the market for sale, and his possessions and car have been shipped.

It really is that simple!

Give us a call the next time you face athlete relocation.  We’ll take the worry out of relocation.

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