Athlete Relocation New Year's Resolutions

Athlete Relocation is not a happy topic, but it also does not have to be a horror story.  That’s why we have compiled a quick list of athlete relocation New Year’s Resolutions which will help to downgrade the stress associated with any relocation. Consider this: the average professional athlete will change teams four times during their career.  In other words, athlete relocation is not a “if it happens” scenario but rather a “when it happens” scenario, and it is much easier on the athlete and the athlete’s family if preparation has been taken prior to the relocation.

So let’s make 2017 the year all of you prepare for the inevitable by following these simply suggestions.


We know, this seems a bit self-serving of us here at Sports Relocation, Inc., but really all we are doing is stating common sense.  If you are facing relocation, and you all are, then why not spend an hour getting relocation assistance and discussing it with an expert like our own Ikem Chukumerije? It doesn’t cost a penny to do so, and we promise you will walk away with an added dimension of peace of mind.


Everyone talks about spring cleaning, getting rid of the old and unwanted, but few actually do it.  Why not take this time, the start of a New Year, to purge everything you don’t need in your home, or at the very least, box up some of those unused items and put them in a storage locker, out of sight, out of mind, until it is time to move them to your new home after the relocation.


One of the greatest stumbling blocks during any relocation is the mad dash most individuals make trying to locate all necessary paperwork from banks, financial institutions, lawyers, schools, and doctors. Why not take a few hours now, located all crucial paperwork, and put it all in one centrally-located place, thus minimizing the psychological stress of relocation?


Is it best that you own a home at this time?  Especially if you are a fringe player, a veteran on the decline, or a “player to be named later,” is it really in your best interest to own a home, when chances are excellent you will be moving shortly, and then moving again, and then again?  Talk to a trusted real estate expert about owning vs renting.


And if you are a homeowner, but relocation is a very real possibility, get your home ready for sale.  Again, talk to a real estate agent about things you can do to make your home more sellable, and then get busy doing them.


Here’s the bottom line, because we suspect you are bottom line types of people:  prepare now so that reality is not so harsh if relocation comes a’callin.  It’s the best MOVE you’ll ever make, considering all athlete relocation considerations in advance.

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