Athlete Relocation for Rookies

download1 The staff of was sitting around discussing business the other day, and our newest member asked a question that deserves its own blog post.  She asked:

Is the athlete relocation process different for rookies than it is for veterans?

Great question!  One would think so, right?  Relocation is relocation, right?  You move to a new city, you transport your vehicle and belongings, you find a place to live.  Why would it be different for rookies?

The fact is that the decision-making process is definitely different for rookies.  Let me explain.

Few rookies come into a professional league with guarantees.  They may have a contract in hand, and they may be taking part in practices, but the future of a rookie is not even close to stable, which means his future in a particular city is not stable.

Most rookies coming out of college, or in baseball, coming out of the minor leagues, are advised to seek short-term housing rather than purchasing a home.  This just makes good financial sense.  One does not want to purchase luxury real estate only to need to sell that real estate a month later.  It is better to seek a short-term lease, or find suitable hotel accommodations, and see what the future holds before committing to a long-term real estate purchase.

The same reasons apply with the transportation of vehicles and certain household possessions.  Leasing a car for a month or so makes more sense than transporting your own vehicle if you are a rookie.

These are things the average rookie would not think about, and these are things that the pros at think about daily, because it is our job to know these things.

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