Athlete Relocation Services in Fifteen Minutes

fish Let me ask you a question.

How long does it take to make all the arrangements for an athlete relocation?  For that matter, how long does it take to make arrangements for any relocation for any citizen?

Consider the question.  You find out you have to relocate.  You start making plans.  You arrange for airline tickets.  You start packing.  You contact an auto transport company and set dates for your vehicle(s) to be transported.  You contact a real estate agent about selling your existing home.  You contact a real estate agent about housing in the new city.  You contact a moving company about transporting all of your possessions.

How long does all of that take?  Days?  One week?  More?

No wonder people become stressed when faced with relocation.

But there is an alternative to all of that, and is that alternative.

Fifteen minutes!  Meet with us, tell us what you need and then turn us loose to do our job while you fly to your new city, worry-free.

Now doesn’t that sound easier?

Call around.  Do your due-diligence and ask other professional athletes who they trust to take care of their athlete relocation needs.  Odds are they’ll tell you  It’s the smart move for a busy athlete.

Sports Relocation, Inc. Sports Relocation, Inc assist players/coaches of all professional sports leagues including the NBA, WNBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and entertainers relocate nationwide by servicing their Real Estate & Relocation needs. Ikem Chukumerije is licensed to practice real estate in New York, California, Nevada, Florida, & Georgia. Sports Relocation, Inc operates nationwide and provides elite athlete relocation services in all 50 states and internationally