Auto Transport Essential Information

auto transport “How much notice do you need to transport my vehicle from Los Angeles to New York?”

That was a question asked of us at the other day.

The answer is:  tell us when you need it done and we’ll get it done.”

The truth of the matter regarding auto transport is this:  we can have your auto transported with very little notice, but it is much easier and oftentimes much less expensive if we have more time to arrange it.

The auto transport business is just like any other business with regards to supply and demand.  There are a limited number of quality and reputable transport companies in the United States.  Their schedules are dependent upon the needs of customers, and they schedule their transports so that multiple shipments can be made in the same area.  If they are needed to transport only one vehicle to a particular area out of the way from normally scheduled destinations, then it will be more expensive and there might be a delay in shipping.

But, and this is an important but….the more time we at have to arrange the shipment of your automobile, the better the chances are that we can find you a great bargain for that transport.  Can we do it tomorrow?  Yes!  Is it better for all concerned if we have a week to arrange the transport?  Yes!

The other factor that plays into this scenario is whether you want an open transport or an enclosed transport.  Open transports mean your vehicle is exposed to the weather and to road debris.  Enclosed transports means your vehicle is protected from all of that.  We can arrange for either depending on your needs and desires.

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