Best States for Luxury Real Estate Property Taxes

462A1003 The Tax Foundation recently listed the top ten states for property taxes, and we at found it interesting so we thought we would share it with you.

The states are listed along with the percentage of home value paid for property taxes in each state.

  1. Louisiana  18%
  2. Hawaii       26%
  3. Alabama  33%
  4. Delaware 43%
  5. Virg. 0.49%
  6. Carolina 0.50%
  7. Arkansas 52%
  8. Mississ 52%
  9. Mex 0.55%
  10. Wyoming 58%

The ten worst states for property taxes were:  New Jersey, New Hampshire, Texas, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Illinois, Connecticut, Michigan, Vermont, and North Dakota, in that order.

Yes, we are talking about a percentage of one percent here, but when you are dealing with luxury real estate, a percentage of one percent can be a considerable amount of money.

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