Biggest Mistake when Buying Luxury Real Estate

slide3 What is the greatest mistake that athletes and celebrities make when buying luxury real estate?

That rather astute question was recently asked of us here at, and it’s a really good question.

Do you know the right answer?

Is it buying in the wrong location?  Or is it not exercising due diligence when buying?  Or possibly it is paying too much for the property?

All of those choices are partially correct.  Wrap them all together and you have the correct answer according to a poll that was recently conducted.

The number one, by far, greatest mistake made in purchasing luxury real estate is in not working with a real estate broker who is familiar with the luxury real estate market.  The other mistakes pale in comparison to this one.

Oddly, most people believe that any old real estate agent is as good as the next, and they also seem to think that buying luxury real estate is no different than buying a small bungalow in Des Moines, Iowa.  Both are incorrect assumptions.

Purchasing luxury real estate has its own set of problems and hurdles that must be mastered in order for the transaction to go smoothly, and in order that both parties, the buyer and the seller, come away feeling good about the transaction.

Keep that in mind the next time athlete relocation comes a’callin’.  Go with the pros when buying luxury real estate and you won’t go wrong.  Find a real estate agent with a track record in dealing with luxury real estate.

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