Most Common Mistakes Buying Luxury Real Estate

_Y1B3287 Let’s face it: if you make a mistake buying a rambler in Des Moines, Iowa, that mistake might cost you ten thousand dollars.  Make a mistake buying some luxury real estate, and that same mistake will cost you millions.

Yes, it is a different world when buying luxury real estate, and mistakes can be very, very costly.  Happily, I can report that many of my clients are aware of this fact, and deal with the pros at because of that fact.

So, what are some of the most common mistakes when buying luxury real estate?

The first, and the worst, is purchasing luxury real estate without the services of a licensed real estate agent.  Let’s take that one step further:  you need a licensed real estate agent who has a history in the luxury market.

The second is being in too big a rush to purchase, and thus not conducting due diligence in researching the property being purchased.

The third is in overlooking key property details that may, at a later time, prove very important.

When mistakes can be measured in millions of dollars, it is best to trust this type of investment in pros who do this on a daily basis.  You wouldn’t trust a nurse practitioner to remove your kidney, so don’t trust your multi-million dollar purchase to just anyone on the street with a real estate license.

Go with the pros at, the proven winners in luxury real estate.

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