Family Life For Professional Athletes -

Professional athletes who have family know that the possibility of being traded or signing on with a new team is always there. Moving to a different city for better prospects, or to further a growing career is a very important part of what being a professional athlete is all about. The odds of someone ending up in the same city that they started out in are always fairly small.

With so many different considerations in sports relocation, moving can be a complex process and one that has to go on side by side with other responsibilities and demands. Our clients balance very intensive careers with slim time frames and the pressure to perform at their best- all while at times, having to worry about making a move happen in a timely and simple fashion. However, more often than not that just isn't a possibility, and this is where we offer our services to help.

Generally speaking, we know that our clients are unable to take the time off in order to relocate their families. It is something that on such tight time schedules is hard for them to manage, and they need to know that the team handling their move is capable and reliable. This is particularly true in the cases of those we have seen who have had to deal with the mid-season trade, because it is already stressful- then to add moving a family, well, that is when things become very complicated. Our team makes these things simple, we create a perfect plan that works with you and your family to ensure that the entire move is as smooth as possible.

When you already own a home, so much work goes into not only packing and getting you moved out of there and into a new place, but also clean up, preparations for putting the old location on the market and it needs to be marketed in a much more aggressive way- it has to sell as quickly as possible. Having an experienced Realtor is a distinct difference here, having someone who understands the needs of professional athletes and their families. Then, having someone on your team who is able to look into the new city and help you to make an informed decision takes things the extra mile in helping to not only move out, but move in to your new home.

By: Ikem Chukumerije, CEO & Founder,™ assists players/coaches of the NBA, WNBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and Entertainers relocate nationwide by servicing your Real Estate & Relocation needs.

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