Financial Preparations for Life After Sports

Financial preparations for life after your playing days are over can be a daunting and yes, frightening, topic of discussion.  Not a single professional player that I know really wants to accept the inevitable, that his or her playing days could end tomorrow, but that is the reality all athletes face.  We were reminded of that fact this past Sunday when another pro football player sustained a career-ending injury, and several others were knocked out for the remainder of the season, including Aaron Rodgers. I was watching the popular television show “Shark Tank” the other day, and one of the investors on that particular show was Alex Rodriguez.  Now say what you will about Rodriguez . . .  love him or hate him as a player . . . but the man started his own corporation, A-Rod Corp, nearly fifteen years ago, while he was still playing professional baseball.  He began with a single real estate investment and today owns over 13,000 properties under his corporation name.

In other words, while he was still playing professional sports, he was making financial preparations for life after baseball.

There are too many sad stories of professional athletes who did not make preparations and who are now flat-broke, their fortunes gone forever.

How about you? Have you begun to take similar steps like Alex Rodriguez?  Are you inching closer to the day when the cheering crowds are but a memory?  Are you taking steps to protect your family financially?

It doesn’t last forever, as several players found out this past weekend.  The playing days will end.

Are you ready for it?

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