Is This a Good Time to Purchase a Vacation Home

juniper Is this a good time to purchase a vacation home?

As summer approaches and as the real estate market shows continued signs of improvement and stability, that question is becoming a popular one with our clients.  Wouldn’t it be great if we had one answer that fit all situations?

When you hear reports on the news, or read articles, and they tell you that the real estate market is improving, they are talking about the overall market.  It is an average statement and not a specific one.  In other words, the real estate market in Southern California may, indeed, be recovering and because of that, it may well be a great place to purchase a vacation home.  There are some great values in Southern California right now, and interest rates are down and lenders have money.

But that may not be true in New Jersey or Maine.

Yes, location is a huge factor in answering this question.  So is the availability of quality homes, and so is the amount of demand in any particular area.  We can find you a great vacation home in Las Vegas right now, and we can show you ten quality luxury homes in Florida that you will love, but that is not true in other areas of the country.

So, is this a good time to purchase a vacation home?  Come on in and talk to us.  Tell us what you need and where you need it, and then let us do our thing.  With our networking system and our long list of contacts, if there is a home out there that you would love, we will find it.

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