Is a Home Inspection a Good Decision?

juniper Is a home inspection needed for a luxury home?  We were recently asked that question by a client looking to purchase a multi-million dollar home, so let’s take a moment to consider it.

Many buyers feel that a home inspection is a waste of time, that they know what they are looking for in luxury real estate, and their eyes tell them that the home they are considering has everything they want.  This, unfortunately, is a situation where the eyes can deceive.

Home inspections are meant to discover problems your eyes cannot see, problems like poor wiring, poor plumbing, unsafe foundations or faulty HVACs.  A home inspector will make a detailed list of all facets of your home and mark down recommendations for improvements and repairs that should be made.

After the home inspection is completed, the potential buyer then should sit down with their real estate agent and discuss options.  There may be some things on that inspection list they choose to ignore. There may be some repairs that cannot be ignored.  A counteroffer may be made asking for repairs or a drop in price, or the purchase may fall through.  Either way, with a home inspection, the buyer has all the information they need to make an informed decision, a decision that will cost millions of dollars.

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