How to Choose Your Perfect Neighborhood

woodland hills If buying a home is the single most important financial decision you will make, and it is, then choosing your perfect neighborhood comes in a very close second.  Can you imagine making a huge financial investment only to find the investment is in a neighborhood that does not meet all of your needs?

So, how do you find the perfect neighborhood?

You and your real estate agent do some sleuthing!

The first step is to write down what your perfect neighborhood looks like.  What are you looking for?  What is essential?  Does it need to be a children-friendly neighborhood?  What type of home do you want?  How far do you want to commute?  Do you want to be near recreation opportunities like parks?  And what don’t you want happening in your new neighborhood?

Next, narrow your search down to the neighborhoods that meet your general criteria.  If you already live in that city, you probably already have a good idea about this, but if you are moving to a new city, you’ll have to do some research, and here your real estate agent will be a huge help.

With your search narrowed to a few neighborhoods, do further research about those final choices.  How are the schools in those areas? What are the crime statistics, where are the parks, are there neighborhood associations and so on.

And once all the research is completed, actually get in a car and go visit those final choices.  Walk around those neighborhoods.  Use your five senses to help you.  What is your first impression? What does it sound like in those neighborhoods?  Talk to future neighbors.  Observe the neighborhoods at different times of the day.  Look for any possible warning signs.

Finally, make your decision and rest assured it is the best decision you could make.  You did your due diligence, you researched with a vengeance….now find a home and enjoy!

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