In Need of a Vacation Rental?

beverly hills “Can you find me a vacation rental so I can escape the winter weather?  I’ll need room enough for eight people, somewhere warm, somewhere private and somewhere sophisticated.”

One of our relocation clients asked that last week.  The answer is a simple one:  Yes!

If you think about it, finding a vacation rental is a snap for a relocation agent.  The network of referrals is already in place.  We work with real estate agents across the country.  We’ve established relationships over the years.  Our list of contacts is extensive.  Heck, in some cases, the vacation rental is a property we have brokered in the past.

And there are more and more vacation rentals which meet those requirements entering the real estate market each year.

So yes is the answer, for that past client and for you.

Are you tired of the weather? Are you tired of the same old, same old, and do you need the highest level of relaxation, privacy and sophistication that only professional athletes need during their down time?

Just tell us where you want to go and let us do the rest.

Sports Relocation, Inc assists players/coaches of all professional sports leagues including the NBA, WNBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and entertainers relocate nationwide by servicing their Real Estate & Relocation needs. Ikem Chukumerije is licensed to practice real estate in New York, California, Nevada, Florida, & Georgia. Sports Relocation, Inc operates nationwide and provides elite athlete relocation services in all 50 states and internationally.