The Key to Selling Luxury Real Estate

beverly hills What’s the key to selling luxury real estate quickly?

You have all, surely, read stories in the newspaper of an athlete who drastically reduces the price of his/her home, a home that has been for sale for two or three years.  Who wouldn’t be discouraged after seeing an article like that one?  Doubts and concerns begin to creep in when the months pass by and no buyer comes forth.

Which returns us to our opening question:  what is the key to selling luxury real estate quickly?

Obviously, there are many factors that go into the sale of luxury real estate.  Location, price, amenities, the state of the market, all are huge in determining whether a property will sell in a reasonable amount of time.  However, there is one factor that is common in 99% of all sales, and that is communication.

A good real estate agent is a master communicator.  Of course, a good agent is active on the social media as well as emails and newsletters, but communication is so much more than that.  A good real estate agent has built a network of contacts.  A good real estate agent has his ear tuned to the industry, is constantly in touch with the network, and is fully aware of who is looking to buy and who is looking to sell.

And in face to face meetings, a good real estate agent communicates clearly, listens patiently, and acts with conviction.  In the end, don't lose track of the fact that selling real estate is simply a matter of two people communicating.

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