Luxury Real Estate Agent


What should you look for in a luxury real estate agent?  We had that question posed to us last week at  A new client came into our offices. He had recently been traded to a team in New York City, and of course, athlete relocation means the eventual purchasing of a new home and the selling of a previous home.  It is a valid question.  Luxury real estate transactions are financially important, and the right agent can mean the difference of millions of dollars.

We mentioned four things to our new client.  One, you need an agent with a solid sales background in luxury real estate.  What is his/her track record in selling professional athlete homes?

Secondly, does the agent have the expertise necessary to successfully broker the right deal for you?  Selling and buying luxury real estate involves an detailed marketing plan to generate interest if selling, and it requires an established network in finding a home to purchase.

Third, a luxury real estate agent must have great interpersonal skills.  Maintaining professional relationships in this highly specialized business is of utmost importance.

And finally, can you work with your agent?  A real estate agent forms a relationship with the client, and that relationship must be solid if a successful transaction is to be completed.

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