MLB Trade Deadline in Ten Days

mlb trade Ten days to go before the MLB Trade Deadline, and if history is any indication that means there are nine days to go before any serious transaction will take place.  Still, the rumors are flying as major league teams make plans to buy, sell or just hold onto the cards they’ve been dealt.

Where will David Price go?  How about Ben Zobrist?  Cole Hamels?  Justin Upton?  Is there someone out there interested in Jonathan Papelbon?  Alex Avila?  A.J. Pierzynski?

When will the Philadelphia Phillies’ fire sale begin, and who will be left standing on that team when it ends?  Is it time for the Detroit Tigers to give up on this season, along with the Seattle Mariners?

And once those decisions are made, which managers will be seated firmly on the hot seat?  Which front office personnel will be packing their bags by the first of August?  The midnight oil will be burning brightly in all of the MLB offices for the next ten days.  Decisions need to be made, decisions that will affect the futures of franchises and the futures of hundreds of players from Seattle to Boston.

Athlete relocation is about to become a reality for quite a few people.

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