Moving to a New Home Checklist

Fun Beach Gear Small If one were to make a list of the most stressful things in life, chances are moving to a new home would rank right up there near the top.  The excitement of changing homes is often overweighed by the sheer tonnage of things that must be done before the move is complete, and it is very easy to forget some of the things that must be done.  Here is a short checklist to help you get organized during your move.

  • Make sure your contact information is updated with all creditors, banks, schools, publications, etc.
  • Change your address with the Postal Service.
  • Put a new set of locks in the new home. Remember that old locks mean old keys and you have no idea who has those keys.
  • Deep clean your new home until it is clean to your standards and not the standards of the previous owners.
  • Make sure you shut off utilities at your previous home.
  • Look for the best deals with new utilities providers. You may have other options than those used by the previous owners.
  • Notify all providers like gardeners, etc., that you are moving and when their services will no longer be needed.
  • Get rid of unneeded items to make your move easier.

If you take these steps, much of the confusion and stress of the move will be alleviated.  All you’ll have to do then is have your old buddies do the heavy lifting of furniture and boxes.

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