NBA Transactions Necessitate Vehicle Transport

vehicle transport Easily the most noted NBA transaction was the move of LeBron James back to Cleveland, but there have been other trades and free agent signings almost daily since the end of the NBA playoffs.

Just yesterday, Paul Pierce signed with the Washington Wizards, and the day before that Anthony Morrow singed with the Oklahoma City Thunder and James Johnson signed with the Toronto Raptors.  So the NBA landscape is changing rapidly, and that means the business of professional athlete relocation is in constant flux.

Athlete relocation means a complete upheaval in the life of an athlete.  Moving to a new city, getting situated in a new home, moving possessions, taking care of financial matters in the previous city, finding a new luxury home, these are daunting tasks that can, at times, seem overwhelming.  Just recently we at were asked about car transport, and specifically how that transaction takes place.

In a nutshell, when an athlete relocation takes place, whether through free agency or trade, the professional athlete will contact our office and arrange for a vehicle transport.  We will discuss a calendar date when the shipment will occur, and then we will contact our transport agents and find the best deal possible.  After that we will determine where the vehicle is going to be for pickup, and where it should be delivered in the new city.  We also need to determine whether it will be a closed transport or an open transport.

The longer the advanced notice of the transport is, the better the deal that can be arranged, but rest assured that we can most definitely meet your needs no matter where you are moving to and when you are moving.

Leaving you, the professional athlete, to concentrate on your career, which is as it should be.

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