Never Rush Luxury Real Estate Purchase

luxury It was with great interest that we read about Jay Z and Beyonce testing a few luxury homes in the Los Angeles area.  First they stayed in a full-furnished contemporary in Holmby Hills, and then they visited several times a $85 million mansion in Beverly Hills.

Quite often, we at will receive a call from a professional athlete client saying they are in a hurry to find a home to buy and can we help them.

Of course we can help them, we say, but we also advise that they slow down and take their time with this home-buying decision, as Jay Z and Beyonce are doing.  The simple fact is that you should never rush into purchasing luxury real estate.  Multi-million dollar properties demand a slow, detailed process and not a rushed one.  With so much money on the line, it is only prudent that every possible precaution is taken so that the best possible result is realized.

If it is absolutely necessary to move quickly, we can always find out clients suitable luxury short-term housing.  That gives them time to relax and go through the home-buying process thoroughly and without pressure.  Time constraints should never be the reason for purchasing luxury real estate, for when rushing occurs, errors occur, and an error in a luxury real estate purchase could cost millions.

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