NFL Rosters Stabilize....Or Do They?

nfl cuts The final preseason game has been played, all NFL teams have whittled their rosters down to the required fifty-three, and now all is calm in the NFL, right?

Not so fast!

The fine-tuning of rosters will continue for quite a few weeks to come. Players have been signed to practice squads.  Players will be picked up off the waiver wire which means others will be cut.  Players will be hurt meaning other players will be signed.

Here is a prediction you can take to the bank: none of the NFL teams is completely through with roster moves and transactions.  It is the nature of this business….it is the nature of any professional sport…that player transactions will occur continually throughout the season.

The athlete relocation does not end simply because final rosters have been decided upon.  Between now and the final snap of the final regular season game, literally hundreds of roster moves will be made, meaning hundreds of players will once again face relocation.

And we’ll be there when they need us.

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