NFL Teams Prepare for Major Cuts

nfl cuts Let the cuts begin!

The third weekend of NFL Pre-Season Games is this weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday all thirty-two teams will play their third game and shortly after that, all thirty-two teams must cut their rosters down from ninety to seventy-five.

At first glance that may not seem like a big issue, but doing the math we see that next week 480 players will be cut and looking for a job, and 480 is indeed a big issue.  What happens to those 480 players?

Some will sign on to practice squads.  Some will sit and wait to see if any injuries occur during the fourth week of pre-season and hope they can sign on to another team.  Some will continue to workout feverishly, awaiting a call during the early stages of the regular season. Still more will sign on to play in Canada and others will move to Europe.

And some will be out of football for good.

Such is the life of a professional football player.  The realities of athlete relocation are never more crystal clear than during the pre-season of football or any other professional sport.  They play the game hard but their bags are always packed, just in case the possibility of relocation becomes a reality.

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