Renting a Car Questions to Ask

car rental As you might suspect, we get a lot of questions about all aspects of relocation, and one commonly-asked question is what questions should a person ask when renting a car?   Relocation can be a hectic time for sure, and often people get in a hurry and fail to do due diligence during a car rental transaction.  Let’s take a look at a few things to consider.

What is included in the daily rate quote?  There may be nothing more annoying than to receive a quote for a rental, only to find out there are hidden charges not included in the quote.  Make sure all taxes and fees are included in the quoted price.

What kind of mileage plan is there?  Do you get unlimited mileage?  Are there penalty fees if you exceed an agreed-upon mileage limit?

Are there extra insurance options?  This question is usually answered before you ask it when renting a car, but just in case, make sure insurance options are discussed and agreed upon.

Do you need to return the vehicle with a full tank of gas?  The best word of advice regarding gas….always return the vehicle with a full tank.  Penalty charges for gas shortages can be steep.

What are the late fees?  It happens; you plan on having a car for four days and circumstances require that you keep it an extra day.  Make sure you find out before signing on the dotted line what those late-penalty fees will be.

What happens if the car has mechanical problems?  What happens if the rented car breaks down on the road? Who do you call for a tow? Will the rental company handle all of that for you?

That covers the main questions regarding car-rentals and, as always, if you have any other questions about car rentals or relocation in general, give us a call at

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