- A To Do List For Your Future Relocation

A  Checklist To Keep You On Track

So the time has come for your next relocation!  Whether it is because of a new job or for personal reasons, millions of Americans each year face the daunting task of packing up their belongings, moving their vehicles, making financial arrangements, and moving to a new city.  No matter whether it is a first time for you or you are a veteran of many relocations, this is a difficult time.

The relocation pros at are experts in this process and so we thought we would pass along some tidbits of information that we have gathered over the years, a checklist of things you need to accomplish before you make that move and settle into your new home.  This is in no way a totally comprehensive list but there is enough below to give you a starting point as you make preparations.

The suggested timetable of events is just that, a suggestion.  The order of doing them is much more important than the actual suggested dates.  The key to any relocation is planning and early preparation.


  • Make a moving file; keep all expenses, receipts, and other pertinent info
  • Begin budgeting for moving expenses
  • Research new city for services, schools, public transportation, etc.
  • Ask new City of Commerce for new citizen packet
  • Research movers and vehicle transport companies
  • Transfer school records, contact insurance agent, arrange banking transfers
  • Subscribe to newspaper in new city to keep informed
  • Study up on new tax and zoning laws in new city


  • Begin eating perishables that cannot be moved
  • Contact relatives and business associates and give them new address
  • Donate unnecessary items; hold garage sale;
  • Begin collecting boxes for move; begin packing items that won’t be used before move
  • Decide on moving company and make arrangements with set date of move
  • File change of address with post office
  • Schedule utilities to be disconnected as well as cable and internet services
  • Schedule new utilities and cable/internet at new address
  • Schedule date to cancel newspaper delivery


  • Have your car/truck serviced
  • Arrange for indoor plants to be given away
  • Do finishing touches on old residence; final odd jobs to make home presentable
  • Prepare folder of info about your home for new owners


  • Confirm moving arrangements with movers; confirm shut off with utilities
  • Plan meals for final two weeks; last grocery shopping
  • Notify any creditors of move and new address


  • Finish packing
  • Empty and defrost refrigerator at least one day before move
  • Prepare a box of essentials for the actual move
  • Get refills on any prescriptions needed during the moving process


  • Supervise loading of moving van
  • Make sure load has essentials loaded last
  • Make sure load takes place according to each room in order
  • Leave change of address for new owners so mail can be forwarded
  • Check each room after loading to make sure nothing has been forgotten
  • Give itinerary and route to friend or relative
  • Final cleaning of empty home, or arrange for it to take place

This list is in no way complete but it should give you some idea of the magnitude of the move ahead of you and get you started as you prepare for your new adventure.  We at are here to help you in any way that we can; give us a call for advice or to help you in this process.  We are the relocation experts!

By: Ikem Chukumerije

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