- Are the Sacramento Kings Leaving Town?

As efforts to get a new arena constructed in Sacramento continue to fail, it becomes more and more apparent that the Kings will be leaving town in the not-too-distant future.

NBA Commissioner David Stern admitted on that the league has had meetings with three different groups interested in building an arena in Las Vegas, which coincidentally happens to be where King’s owners Joe and Gavin Maloof own the Palms Casino Resort.

In separate meetings, it was earlier reported that the owner of the NHL’s Anaheim Ducks, Harry Samueli, discussed with Gavin Maloof the possible move of the Kings to Anaheim. Other cities mentioned as possible suitors of the King team are Seattle, still reeling from the loss of their Sonics, and Kansas City.

The title rights for ARCO ends this year in Sacramento, and because of low attendance and the lack of governmental support to build a new arena, it appears that the rumors have some serious legs.  Only time will tell how this story ends, but one thing is certain, that in professional sports relocation of teams and individual players is a fact of life.  That is where enters the picture.

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