Knows the Value of Confidentiality

It is with great happiness and relief that we can report that the kidnapping of Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos has come to a successful conclusion.  Ramos was freed by Venezuelan police commandos after they staged a raid on a remote mountainous area outside of Caracas, Venezuela.  Ramos was unharmed and five men have been arrested after a heavy firefight with police. As you know by now Ramos had been abducted Wednesday night outside of his home by what has now been identified as a Columbian paramilitary/kidnapping group and the apparent motive was money.

This frightening ordeal raises an issue that is important to those of us who work with celebrities and professional athletes.  At confidentiality is at the core of our business.  We have built our business based on integrity, honesty and privacy.  Celebrities and athletes spend their entire careers in the public eye with press and paparazzi hounding them constantly for photos and interviews.  It is so very important to these professionals that their business dealings be kept out of the press and they have certainly earned that right.

From our standpoint we would not be successful if we told others of our dealings or let it slip who our clients are; we have risen to the top of the relocation business because we can be counted on to keep all dealings private.  We sign a confidentiality agreement with each and every one of our clients and our reputation speaks to our successfully upholding our end of those agreements.

No matter what your needs you can count on us; whether you need assistance in finding short or long term housing, transportation of possessions or vehicles, or help in locating financing, we at can be relied upon to keep all dealings just between us and our clients.  That is our promise to you.

You have worked hard and you deserve privacy when not in front of the crowds and cameras.  Give us a call; we have become THE trusted relocation center and we are here for you day or night.

Author: Ikem Chukumerije® assists players/coaches of the NBA, WNBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and Entertainers relocate nationwide by servicing your Real Estate & Relocation needs. is a licensed real estate brokerage in Las Vegas, NV & Beverly Hills, CA.

The Sports Relocation team is waiting to hear from you. Our primary goal is to assist you with all of the challenges related to transitioning into your new home. Visit us at or call us at 800-783-1421

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