- NBA Lockout Shows No Signs of Ending Soon

Players Considering Relocating to Europe

So it comes down to this: hundreds of NBA players on thirty teams face the real possibility that there will not be an NBA season this year, and that leaves them with a decision few want to make.  Do they stick it out here in the States and hope that at least a partial NBA season will occur, or do they sign with a European team now and play out this coming season overseas?  And if they should choose to sign a contract with a European team they face a relocation of huge proportions.  The complications of this decision are endless and it is no surprise that only one player so far, New Jersey Nets All-Star point guard Deron Williams, has signed to play in Europe this upcoming season.

Las Vegas becomes a crucial city as Billy Hunter, the executive director of the players’ association, will meet with his players this Thursday to discuss options and where to go from here.   No progress was made during a meeting with owners Tuesday, and it appears that the current 2 ½ month lockout could wipe out the upcoming NBA season.

Owners and players are not even close in settling this dispute over salary cap, leaving the players to choose between one of three options: one, play under the current deal; two, go to court and sue the league for dissolving the union; or three, go to Europe and have their lives completely turned upside down and inside out.  None of these options are acceptable so it becomes choosing the lesser of three evils.

The chance of training camps opening on time appears to be slim, but there is still time to save the season, which is scheduled to begin November 1st.  Hunter is hoping that there will be a division between big-market owners and small-market owners and if that happens the owners will have to reach a compromise amongst themselves;  but so far there appears to be no such split so everything is up in the air and uncertain.

A move to Europe would mean relocation problems that most of us cannot imagine.  Finding temporary housing for six months, moving possessions, finding temporary transportation, arranging flights, and then of course what to do with families?  The problems become so large in number that it can be overwhelming even for the most seasoned veteran player.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  We at Sports are in business for exactly this type of relocation problem.  It is our business to arrange everything for you, from housing to transporting of goods to the moving of families if necessary, and all it takes is a call to our office to make it all happen.

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