- The State of the Luxury Real Estate Market

Make no mistake about it, the luxury real estate scene is a buyer’s market and very well may remain so for quite some time. Although the market is showing signs of rebounding from the recent recession, there are still incredible savings to be had for the discerning buyer.

Wherever you may choose to relocate, chances are an offer well below market value will be accepted on some choice real estate. This is the world of professional athletes, entertainers, and high-end executives, and even though there are great deals to be had in today’s market, the best plan for any prospective buyer is to find a real estate agent who understands this rarified air and can help you navigate these financial waters. Ikem Chukumerije, CEO/President of Sports is just the man for you. A respected broker in Beverly Hills for many years, Ikem has made it his business to know the luxury real estate market. Recently licensed in Nevada and affiliated across America, Ikem has opened a business that specializes in all of your relocating needs. Beverly Hills Real Estate

The professionals at Sports are in business to help you adjust to your business.  Maybe you are a professional baseball player and have been traded from New York to St. Louis.  Maybe you are an entertainer who has decided to move to the L.A. market to further your career.  Whatever the reason for your move, Sports is here to handle your every need.  We can provide to have your possessions moved, transport your vehicles, find temporary luxury housing, find permanent housing, and contact the financial experts to find you the best deal possible.  We call on our network of experts across the country, experts we have had a good, working relationship with for years.

One call to our offices is all it takes.   Tell us what you need and when we have a clear picture we spring into action.  That leaves you with only one concern, namely to perform to the best of your abilities in your new city.  And the best news of all is we provide this service absolutely free to our customers.  At no cost to you we offer our years of experience to take your concerns away and leave you worry-free and able to settle in and enjoy your new home.

Celebrity Broker Ikem Chukumerije

All you have to do is sit by the pool while our professionals handle every aspect of your relocation.  So visit our website at and discover just how easy relocating can really be.

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