Vacation Rental Services

tomlinson We received a call the other day from a major leagues baseball player who is planning his vacation for November.  He wants to get away from it all and enjoy some fun in the sun in Florida, but he doesn’t want to spend two weeks in a hotel room.  He wondered if there was anything we could do for him for this mini-athlete relocation.

Of course there is something we can do.  In fact, at, we do this quite often.  We are well-aware that athletes need down time from the grind of their sport, and we are also aware that hotel vacationing can be, at times, brutal and confining.  That’s why a few years ago we began compiling a database of available vacation properties in prime vacation areas.

With that database in hand, our goal is to pair you, the athlete, with celebrity real estate…luxury real estate, that provides a high level of satisfaction, privacy, and sophistication.

The process couldn’t be simpler.  You tell us where you want to go, and we find a luxury home that is just right for you. No more living in cramped hotel space. No more having to walk through lobbies to get to the scenery of the area, and no more being dependent on the hotel staff for your every need.  What we provide is a home away from home, and isn’t that the ultimate goal of any vacation?

Sports Relocation, Inc. Sports Relocation, Inc assist players/coaches of all professional sports leagues including the NBA, WNBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and entertainers relocate nationwide by servicing their Real Estate & Relocation needs. Ikem Chukumerije is licensed to practice real estate in New York, California, Nevada, Florida, & Georgia. Sports Relocation, Inc operates nationwide and provides elite athlete relocation services in all 50 states and internationally.