St. Louis Rams Players Face Relocation Decisions

car transport The NFL owners have spoken and the St. Louis Rams are moving to Inglewood, an L.A. suburb.  There is still a chance the San Diego Chargers could join them in the rich Los Angeles market and as of this writing, no one can venture a guess what will happen to the Oakland Raiders or where they will finally end up for the 2016 season.

What we do know, for sure, is that the 53-man active roster of the Rams, plus ten practice squad players, plus coaches and main office personnel, will face relocation to the Los Angeles area during the next five months.  Whether they need short-term housing or long-term housing, what cannot be denied is the need for some sort of housing in a new city that offers new challenges.  Many of them will want to arrange for an auto transport.  Many will settle for leasing a vehicle while out in Los Angeles and leaving their own vehicles at home.

Many will need to move all of their possessions to L.A. if they are moving permanently and some will only be moving necessities.

Where do they turn for help with all of this?  Without a doubt, the Ram management will pay for most of those relocations, but the details of the relocation are left to the individuals to handle.

We have a suggestion!

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