Starting Pitchers to Watch as MLB Trade Deadline Approaches

mlb trade The beginning of July is as good a time as any to start discussing, in earnest, possible trades that may occur before the MLB trade deadline of July 31st.  The divisional standings are beginning to take shape, and teams must decide, in the next week or so, whether they will be buyers or sellers during the late stages of the month of July.

Teams can always use starting pitching. The old baseball axiom that good pitching will defeat good hitting is as true today as it was one-hundred years ago, so you can be that the buyers will be looking closely at some of the topnotch starting pitchers that are available.  Let’s take a look at ten of those pitchers.

  • Chris Sale, Chicago White Sox
  • David Price, Detroit Tigers
  • Clay Buchholz, Boston Red Sox
  • Jeff Samardzija, Chicago White Sox
  • Cole Hamels, Philadelphia Phillies
  • Scott Kazmir, Oakland Athletics
  • A. Happ, Seattle Mariners
  • Aaron Harang, Philadelphia Phillies
  • Bartolo Colon, New York Mets
  • Chase Anderson, Arizona Diamondbacks

There are others, of course, but these ten seem to crop up in the rumor mill most often and they make the most sense for those teams looking to unload salary or build their clubs with trade pieces.

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