Top 5 Questions to Ask About Auto Transport

auto transport What should one look for in a good auto transport company?

Last week at we received a phone call from a client who had just been traded, and he was in need of an auto transport company to ship his vehicle from Point A to Point B, a distance of 2,000 miles.  Let us tell you the first answer we gave our client, and then we’ll give you the second answer, the one he finally chose.

Important factors in choosing an auto transport company include:

  • Reputation…..what is their track record? Ask around and find out who your friends have used in the past, and get their opinion on those companies.  You can also call the Better Business Bureau as an added resource.
  • Licensing….make sure you see proof that the company has all licensing required.
  • Insurance….are there any insurance limitations regarding the damaging of your car during transport.
  • Shipping options….often these options include open, enclosed, full service, or economy.
  • Schedule and delivery options….how flexible is the company and do you have choices.

Those are the things you should look for if you are hiring an auto transport company.

But the answer our client finally chose was this:  they hired us to find them an auto transport company, thus saving themselves the time and effort.  And why not?  We deal with auto transport companies all the time because of the nature of our business, and we know the good ones and the bad.  After ten years in this business, we have established a good working relationship with quality auto transport companies, so next time athlete relocation sends you to distant shores, call to handle your auto transport needs.

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