MLB Free Agents: The Top Ten Remaining

MLB Free Agents: The Top Ten Remaining is, of course, a purely subjective pursuit.  Those players I believe to be the top ten may not be the same you would choose, and anyone who has ever been a part of a water cooler debate knows this to be true.  Still, it makes for some interesting discussions, so let’s go with these ten and let the debates begin. Time is running out, of course.  Spring Training 2017 begins next month, and there is still a plethora of talent out there ready to be gobbled up by teams in need, so these next few weeks should be interesting are several big-name players prepare to relocate to a new city.

Here, then, are our top ten MLB free agents and where we suspect they will end up by Spring Training.

  • Mark Trumbo, formerly with the Orioles, he of the 47 homeruns, slow feet, questionable defense, and a cost that includes a draft pick compensation. Who needs a thunderous right-hand bat?  Look for either Colorado to jump in with both feet, or the Orioles to keep him at a reasonable price.
  • Jose Bautista, Toronto, another draft pick consideration, making him quite costly, and that means that most likely Toronto will find a way to re-sign him.
  • Matt Wieters…there is always a free agent market for a catcher who can hit. Wieters will either go to the Orioles or the Angels, and we’re leaning towards the Angels.
  • Michael Saunders, another Toronto free agent, with a .815 OBS and 24 homeruns, appears to be without a home as Toronto flat-out does not want him. One possible landing spot that makes sense is with the Chicago White Sox.
  • Jason Hammel, starting pitcher with the Cubs, will not be with the Cubs next month. Texas has showed interest, and Texas needs more starting pitchers.  It’s a match made in baseball heaven.
  • Mike Napoli, first base, DH, all this guy does is hit homeruns, and since Cleveland has shown interest there’s a better than even chance he ends up back where he belongs, with Texas.
  • Brandon Moss, outfield, first base, not the leading thumper on the market, and after those above on the list find a home, Moss will find few suitors. One possible fit is Philadelphia.
  • Chris Carter, first base, DH, co-leaders in homeruns with Milwaukee with 41, will be heading west to the Rocky Mountain high atmosphere. Look for Colorado to grab him up shortly.
  • Luis Valbuena, primarily a third basemen, has a problem: most teams already have quality third basemen. About the only team even sniffing the air for a third baseman is Atlanta.
  • Greg Holland, left-handed reliever, and that means Holland is on everyone’s list. Right now, considering his asking price, the leader of a crowded pack in the Holland Sweepstakes appears to be Washington, but of the ten MLB free agents players listed, this is the hardest to call.

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