Understanding Player Relocation Hardships

Understanding player relocation hardships only requires a look at Edwin Jackson, current starting pitcher for the Washington Nationals.  Jackson holds the record among active MLB players for being traded twelve times during his fourteen year MLB career.  Let’s take a quick look at this much-traveled player:

  • 2001 drafted by Los Angeles Dodgers
  • 2003 makes his MLB debut with Dodgers
  • 2006 traded to Tampa Bay
  • 2008 traded to Detroit
  • 2009 traded to Arizona
  • 2010 traded to the White Sox
  • 2011 traded to St. Louis
  • 2012 traded to the Nationals
  • 2013 traded to the Cubs
  • 2015 traded to the Braves
  • 2016 traded to the Marlins
  • 2016 traded to the Padres
  • 2017 traded to the Orioles
  • 2017 traded, once again, to the Nationals.

That is a remarkable twelve trades in a span of fourteen years, from west coast to east coast, from the far north to the deep south.

And every single one of those player relocations involved a personal upheaval.  Think about that for one moment.  Yes, Jackson has been well-paid, but think about the hassles and headaches involved with moving twelve different times in fourteen years.  Most Americans move four or five times in a lifetime.  Each move requires packing belongings, finding transportation, moving vehicles, changing addresses, and if married the headaches multiply exponentially.

Yes, athletes are well-paid, but there is another side of the story few fans fully realize, and understanding player relocation hardships requires a deep understanding of the nature of this business.

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