What Can SportsRelocation.com Do For You?

That may be the question you're asking- but it is also the question that we ask you. We are a full service relocation agency, backed by over eight years of trusted real estate experience. An up and coming agency, we can guarantee that your sports relocation needs are taken care of, in full, each time, every time- so that you can deal with the more pressing matters of your relocation.

In an age where everything you can think of is customizable, we also offer services that are made to suit your every need- and nothing that you don't need. Professional athlete relocation is a time where preparation is crucial and there are so many different details that need to be worked with. We help you by not only taking care of those issues you know about, but we're more than happy to look at your unique situation and present the best possible solutions for you.

Ikem Chukumerije knows exactly what issues sometimes arise unexpectedly for professional athletes in the relocation process. As an experienced Beverly Hills Real Estate Broker, he's seen it all- and handled it all for already satisfied professional athletes and entertainers who have trusted him with their real estate needs through his already established Milliondollarliving.com. Handling luxury real estate is very different from just handling more common forms- and he has made a very trusted name for himself in that very exclusive niche market.

Now, let him put his expertise, knowhow and ethics to work for you- so you don't have to worry that something's gone un-done. You can trust Ikem to handle your affairs as he'd handle his own, with confidence and an attention to detail you will not find anywhere else.

At Sportsrelocation.com- we are the one stop, all inclusive service you have been looking for. Because we are committed to the satisfaction of our clients, we offer confidential service without the hassle.

A few of the services you can trust us to manage for you:

•Short/Long Term Home Leasing Services

•Private Jet Charter Services

•Luxury (Automotive) Car Rentals & Sales

•Vehicle Transport Services

•Financing & Lending Services

•Home Relocation Services

And so much more. We take the time to listen to our clients and customize their relocation exactly the way that they want. With our many satisfied clients growing each and every day, ask yourself: What can sportsrelocation.com do for you?

By: Ikem Chukumerije, CEO & Founder, SportsRelocation.com


SportsRelocation.com™ assists players/coaches of the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and Entertainers relocate nationwide by servicing your Real Estate & Relocation needs.

The Sports Relocation team is waiting to hear from you.  Our primary goal is to assist you with all of the challenges related to transitioning into your new home. Visit us at http://www.SportsRelocation.com or call us at 310-927.2344.