6 Athlete Homes With MVP Pools

6 Athlete Homes With MVP Pools

By: Neal J. Leitereg Via (Realtor.com)

Chris Bosh's Pool In Pacific Palisades

We all know that athletes like to splurge on the finer things in life. When you are paid to be a big-time baller, you can afford to live like an All-Star. Many sports elite opt for the bling, while others choose to go all-in on fancy cars. But for these six current and former professional athletes, investments in luxury translate to the ultimate pool party.

Chris Bosh’s West Coast Party Mansion (Top) Price: $9.4 Million

LeBron James may have the MVP hardware, but it’s his teammate Chris Bosh who owns the distinction of having the ‘Most Valuable Pool’. Looking out over Topanga Canyon and the Pacific Ocean, Bosh’s backyard setup is the equivalent of a miniature resort; an infinity pool with water features sets things off, while the tropical vibe is furthered by a swim-up Tiki bar, a pair of spas and a number of cabanas.

Gilbert Arenas’ Shark Tank Price: $3.5 Million

Of course Gilbert Arenas has a pool with a shark tank. One of the more unique personalities to ever lace it up, ‘Agent Zero’ put his signature stamp of weird on his real estate portfolio with a world-class grotto and shark tank combo. The shark tank is one of several massive aquariums found throughout his Great Falls, VA mansion.

Warren Sapp’s Water Slide Price: $2.9 Million

Look, I don’t care if Warren Sapp spent all his money on Air Jordan’s and a giant lion-skin rug, or that a bankruptcy court ultimately sold off his mansion. I take comfort knowing that, for a time, Sapp got wet and wild coming down this fantastic water slide.

Keenan McCardell’s Swim-In Cave Price: $2.7 Million

Jacksonville Jaguars legend Keenan McCardell apparently knows a thing or two when it comes to palatial pool setups. The $2.7 million spread goes hard in the backyard with a pair of water slides, a waterfall, and a picturesque pool, but the real appeal is the swim-in cave that rocks its own Jacuzzi, wet bar and full entertainment center.

Hines Ward’s Man Grotto Price: $7.5 Million

There is no questioning Hines Ward’s status as a renaissance man. Besides being a Pittsburgh Steelers legend, the retired wideout has appeared on Dancing with the Stars and a celebrity cooking show, and he’s been open about his passion for décor an modern design. So what does this have to do about pools, you ask? Well, Ward played big part in designing his own mansion in Atlanta, which just so happens to have an incredible man-grotto. From the dueling flatscreens to the intimate Jacuzzi and waterfall to the in-house fireplace, Ward is apparently well-versed in the field of unwinding in style.

Mitch Richmond’s Southern California Oasis Price: $9.5 Million

Mitch Richmond cut his basketball teeth in NorCal with the Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings, but it’s in Southern California where the former All-Star guard is still raining 3’s. Richmond’s 2.25-acre backyard oasis packs a serious punch in the form of a full-spread basketball court and barbecue center. However, where Richmond clearly goes off the deep end is in the pool department, where he has a tropical watering hole featuring a spa, cave, water slide, waterfall and more.

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