An Athlete Relocation Time Frame

time saving We had a customer ask an impossible question the other day.  At, we pride ourselves in being able to answer all questions regarding athlete relocation, but we have to give that customer credit…he stumped us.

“How long does it take to relocate,” was the question we were asked, and we had to hesitate and give some serious thought before answering.  When a professional athlete faces relocation, usually the athlete must be on a plane and out of town within twenty-four hours, but that is just the athlete.  What about their possessions? What about transporting their vehicles?  What about their current home, and finding suitable housing in the new city?  What about all the financial details, and the transfer of information, and the signing of new financial papers?

So how did we answer his question?

If he is handling all aspects of the relocation himself, or even if his wife is handling it all, the entire relocation process can take six months to a year.  That, my friends, is a lot of upheaval.

If, on the other hand, we at handle the relocation process, we can shave considerable time from that estimate, and often times the entire process can be taken care of in weeks rather than months.  Why such a huge difference in time?  Simply because does this on a daily basis.  We have streamlined the athlete relocation process into an efficient relocation machine.

Give us a call and find out what it is like dealing with professionals.

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