Athlete Sports Relocation Doesn't Have to Be a Hassle

Housing Doesn't Have to Be a Hassle

Housing Watch posted an excellent piece back in October about the troubles facing professional athletes when it comes to relocation and housing needs.

In a recent housingwatch story, "Sports Stars: From Homebuyers to Renters" explores what happened with Kevin Martin of the Houston Rockets, who just received a notice of default on his California home, though as the article states- he's pulling in at least $10 million dollars this year.

It goes on further to discuss Antoine Walker and Derrick Coleman's bankruptcy- due in large to real estate deals gone south, and then goes on to list those who are trying to sell their homes.

Now, as the article also points out- this is not necessary. This is a terrible thing to happen to anyone, let alone someone who certainly has the means to prevent it- but it all too often occurs because the transitions are not properly managed. There are a number of tools out there, and many ways that incidents such as these could be avoided. Having someone in your corner who understands exactly how to handle things and isn't afraid to be honest and conduct your affairs with integrity is something that is more than just convenient- it's something that can prevent you from having to deal with a lot of trouble in the long term.

However, this is about so much more for our clients than simply selling a home, or even buying one. For many we have helped, it's about being able to ensure that the transition goes smoothly for their families as well. It's about not only moving their belongings, but often times their medical needs, their vehicles and other arrangements. Having someone who knows exactly what it is you're going to run into as you transition is a great asset, and working with us, asking questions and getting honest answers: it just makes more sense than to potentially set yourself up for issues that can be avoided.

Frequent relocation, or even just brand new beginnings in your career- these aren't situations that have to be overwhelming. You can have someone in your corner, looking out for your best interests and making sure that not a single step is overlooked. It's more than just real estate, it's more than just someone handling your relocation needs, it's about peace of mind that lets you take care of what you do best.

By: Ikem Chukumerije, CEO & Founder,™ assists players/coaches of the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and Entertainers relocate nationwide by servicing your Real Estate & Relocation needs.

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