Begin Spring Relocation Process Now

Flower Room 3 Not all relocations are a frantic, nerve-wracking mess.  There are many times when one of our clients knows months in advance that athlete relocation is a reality, and they can plan ahead.

If you know that a Spring relocation is going to happen then the relocation process needs to begin now.  Here is a short list of things you can do now to be ready for that Spring move:

  • Organize your important papers and have them in a centralized place for easy reference
  • Go through your closets and drawers and discard things you won’t be needing anymore. Donate to charities the items that are unnecessary.
  • Begin packing things that you don’t use on a regular basis.
  • Begin the cleaning process in your home. Deep cleaning takes time and effort, so the sooner you begin, the better.
  • Begin organizing your home now for show in the Spring.
  • Have your furnace cleaned and inspected now.
  • Consider having a home inspection now to avoid unnecessary surprises in the Spring.

Yes, relocation can be stressful, but that stress can be greatly reduced by preparing early.  If you have the luxury of knowing in advance about a relocation, then by all means start the process now, and let the pros at help you with that process.

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