The Best Time to Sell Luxury Real Estate

luxury When is the best time to sell luxury real estate?  We at get that question a lot….A LOT!

The real estate market is not comprised of best times and worst times.  A short lesson real estate sales will help to explain that statement.

There are three factors that consistently affect the sale of real estate:  location, condition and price.

You can do very little about location.  Your home is located where it is located, and nothing is going to change that.  You are left, then, with two factors you can control, namely condition and price.  You can increase the odds of selling quickly by making sure your home is in the best condition possible.  You can do the same by making sure your home is fairly priced according to the market.  If your home is in poor condition, or it is priced too high, then you may very well be looking at a long time before it sells.

The other factor that weighs in on this discussion is the general health of the market and the economy, but often, with luxury real estate, these last two factors are really non-factors.  What affects the average homeowner in the $200,000 range will not necessarily affect a homeowner in the $20 million range.

So, to answer the question, a good time to sell luxury real estate is now, provided the condition of your home is excellent, the price is fair, and the location is desirable.

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