Carlos Beltran Retires At 40

Carlos Beltran is retiring, twenty years after lacing up his shoes for his first Major League game, and one month after being a part of his first World Series Championship with the Houston Astros. We salute Carlos Beltran!

Twenty years playing a sport at the top of the game, playing it with honor, and still being productive at an age when many athletes are years into retirement.

Truly remarkable!

And now Carlos Beltran will join the thousands of other retired professional athletes as they navigate the waters from the playing years to the retirement years, waters which can be fairly frightening if financial preparations for life after sports have not been made early on during the career.

Are you prepared?

It is hard to envision retirement when an athlete first begins.  The excitement of it all, the large contracts, the desire to purchase new homes and vehicles, the money never seems to end, and thoughts about what happens when that money does end never enter the minds of most professional athletes.

But that day will arrive, and the only way to be financially prepared for them is to plan now, while you are still playing, plan with financial experts who can help you make investments in your non-playing future.

Do it now!

We suspect Carlos Beltran did it correctly, and his retirement years will not see a significant financial change.  How about you?  Are you doing it correctly?  Plan now and enjoy later!

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