Pro Athletes Charitable Activities

Pro athletes charitable activities are not often publicized which, really, is a shame.  We know about the athletes in their professional theater.  We oftentimes know a little, or a lot, about their personal lives.  But when it comes to philanthropy, the selfless giving to a worthy cause, this news somehow manages to escape the newspapers and online articles. As with any activity there are some who pursue it with gusto and determination, and there are those who barely consider it an option.  We think it is high time those who give with gusto receive their just due.

Pro Athletes like Ronda Rousey, who gives of her time, and fortune, to Kidi Hirsch 501c3, to Free Rice Campaign, and to Gompers.

Pro Athletes like Michael Phelps, who gives to All Charities-Count and who took a one-million dollar bonus from a sponsor and used it to create his own foundation, which works with children.

Professional Athletes like Russell Wilson, who spends a huge amount of his free time at Seattle Children’s Hospital, and supports “Why Not You” and the Charles Ran III diabetes Association.

And athletes like global soccer star Neymar, who helps fight against Ebola, who helped bring clean water to Brazil, and who devotes much of his free time to children in his native country.

Those stories are rarely told and we think that’s a shame.  Yes these athletes make huge amounts of money, but many of them use that money, and their prestige, to make a better  life for others.

We salute them!

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