CEO/President Ikem of Now Licensed in Las Vegas, NV

Passes Nevada Real Estate Exam, Expands Market Potential

The world of possibilities continues to expand for, the new Beverly Hills-based athlete/entertainer relocation company spearheaded by Ikem Chukumerije.  Long considered a leader in the Beverly Hills premier real estate community, Ikem has now expanded his horizons by passing the Nevada Real Estate exam.

Ikem has been a leader in the Los Angeles luxury real estate market for years, having sold homes to professional athletes and entertainers, and he has earned a reputation for honesty and integrity.  Many of the rich and famous know Ikem simply as Ike and also understand that he is committed to serving their needs to the best of his ability. The man known simply as “Ike” is synonymous with luxury, luxury, luxury, as well as quality of service.

During his years in real estate Ike became aware that athletes and entertainers have unique needs and he set about trying to find a way to meet those needs. The product of that problem-solving endeavor is, a unique company aimed at meeting unique needs.  Sports Relocation was born with the purpose to take care of all problems associated with relocation, including finding short-term or long-term housing, insurance, financing, and transportation of possessions.

The team of professionals at listens to the needs of their client and then coordinates every aspect of the relocation, in effect taking the worry out of a major transition.  And now that Ikem has expanded his real estate potential to Nevada the future of is brighter than ever.

Imagine if you're a respected leader in the Beverly Hills real estate market now expanding to Nevada.  Imagine the experience, savvy, contacts and know-how that are associated with Ikem Chukumerije now entering the Nevada scene.  Now imagine all of your relocation problems being handled by one firm and consultations are free!

A typical scenario would look something like this: an entertainer is booked for two weeks at a Las Vegas resort/casino.  A call is made to and short-term luxury housing is obtained, private jet service is made available, transportation while in Las Vegas is secured, and short-term insurance needs met. In other words, all the entertainer needs to be concerned with is entertaining.  All other worries have been eliminated by Ike and his staff.

Visit and find out how our team of experts can make your life so much simpler.  Contact one of our agents and find out what many professionals already know, that the reputation of CEO Ikem Chukumerije as a leader in the luxury real estate business is well-earned.  Go to our website at and complete the contact information today.

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