Commercial Real Estate Investment Opportunities

commercial We mentioned in an earlier post that a good athlete relocation agent works in concert with an athlete’s sports agent and financial advisors.  In other words, a good athlete relocation agent does much more than help the athlete move to a new city.  There is a much bigger picture that needs to be looked at and addressed.

Most, if not all, athlete relocation agents are also real estate brokers.  Quite frankly that should be a requirement of any athlete relocation agent.  How else is an agent going to find the best home for the client and how else is an agent going to sell or rent the previous home owned by the athlete?  But let’s look beyond those immediate needs and consider the possibilities of real estate transactions for investments.

Los Angeles, and other major cities across the nation, are experiencing a real estate revival of sorts, and many are also experiencing a commercial real estate revival.  The downtown core of many cities are undergoing a major facelift.  Developers are moving in, buying properties and transforming the look of these downtown cores.  As an investment, real estate, right now, is highly attractive, and it would behoove any professional athlete to discuss investment opportunities with their athlete relocation agent.

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