Dealing with Athlete Relocation Long-Distance Problems

chicago Here’s a rather obvious fact that most people never think of:  when an athlete faces athlete relocation, it is rarely within the same city.  Athlete relocation almost always involves a long-distance relocation involving thousands of miles.

There are professional sports franchises in most of the major cities in the United States, from New York City to San Diego, from San Francisco to Boston, from Chicago to Atlanta, Philadelphia, Denver, Miami, Seattle, Toronto, Kansas City, Baltimore, Cincinnati and of course, Los Angeles.

The initial move isn’t the problem.  Anyone can call up the airlines and book a ticket to the new destination.  Even settling into a hotel as a short-term solution for housing is easy, right?

No, the problem with these long-distance athlete relocations is all the other “stuff” that a relocation entails, items like finding a good neighborhood for a long-term housing solution; finding good doctors; finding good schools for your children; finding good lawyers or real estate agents; these are the things that take time, and these are the decisions that are difficult because the new location is unfamiliar to the athlete.

More and more professional athletes are turning to the only solution that makes sense, namely hiring an athlete relocation agent to handle all of the relocation items professionally and in a timely manner.  A good athlete relocation expert has offices and affiliates in every state that has a pro sports franchise.  They are aware of the unique nature of every major city.  They have a network of contacts they can call to ensure that their client receives the best service no matter where relocation takes them.

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