The Athlete Relocation Priority List

make a list We talk to a great many professional athletes who have experienced athlete relocation.  Considering the fact that most professional athletes will change teams an average of five times during their career, this relocation phenomenon isn’t really surprising.  What we’ve learned from them during these talks is that most of them go through the same emotional transformation immediately after finding out they are relocating to another city.  It goes something like this:

  • Surprise or shock that they have been traded or that the deal is finally done and they are moving on as a free agent.
  • Once the initial shock has left their minds kick into the planning step…..what needs to be done.
  • What needs to be done leads to prioritizing the needed steps.
  • The action plan is initiated.

This is all done rather quickly because in most cases, the athlete must relocate in a matter of 24 to 48 hours.  Think about that:  the athlete must leave his/her home, the comfort of familiar surroundings, their family, and get on a plane for a strange city.  This is the moment when they are completely unsettled.  They don’t know what to do about permanent housing.  They don’t know what to do about the transporting of their vehicles or possessions.  There are people that need to be notified and other decisions to be made.

They badly need a priority list, but their lives, at that moment, are too hectic to make the list.

May we make a suggestion?

Call an athlete relocation agent.  During one of those hours before you leave, sit down with an athlete relocation agent and explain your needs.  After that meeting, all you have to do is get on a plane and relax. The athlete relocation expert will do the rest.

Now doesn’t that sound relaxing?

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