Happy Thanksgiving from Sportsrelocation.com

thanksgiving wishes Thanksgiving is not only a time of gratitude but also a time of reflection.

Yes, we are in the athlete relocation business.  Our job is to relocate you and your family and do it in such a way that the process is stress-free, and we do our job well.  But at the end of each relocation, what is most memorable is not the home or city that is left behind, but the new home our clients are entering and the new journey they are embarking upon.

Home is not a building nor is it land.  Home has nothing to do with possessions.

Home truly is where the heart is.

Perhaps you face a relocation in the near future. Perhaps you just completed one.  Perhaps there is one about to happen you know nothing about.  Whatever the case, remember that wherever love goes, there, too, goes home.

From our family and staff at Sportsrelocation.com, to yours, a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!  May you always “be home” wherever you are.

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